Dionne Tee

Dionne Tee

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"Don't change your plan for no man." -My mommy, Dionne

Named after my mother, the Dionne tee features one of the greatest lessons she ever taught me. A lesson I didn't understand until life put it on the syllabus. If a man makes you wanna change your plan...either you have the wrong man or you had the wrong plan. It's one thing to be inspired by a man, to aspire further because of that man, to grow greater because of that man and perhaps even alter your path as a result...but don't change a plan you truly believe in solely for his benefit. Because if that man leaves, you have to be able to live with what's left. 

NEW Boxy-Crop-Top Option: Interested in this design as a loose-fitting crop top? Check the boxy-crop-top box upon adding the tee to your cart to have it cut into a crop top free of charge!

Please Note: Unisex fit. 

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