Gentrification Racerback

Gentrification Racerback


Gentrification is the process of renovating urban neighborhoods and increasing property values, which leads to an influx of affluent newcomers and the displacement of long-standing members of the community who can no longer afford the cost of rent. Because the displaced, lower-income families that are pushed out are most often minorities, and because they are often replaced with Columbus-looking, I mean whites, gentrification goes beyond the municipal development of a neighborhood, draining the color from its preexisting culture.

There’s a flurry of eviction notices. And a Starbucks is built where that barbershop used to be. And you feel kind of guilty because damn, you lowkey like Pumpkin Spice Caramel Mocha Latteccinos too. Then the new neighbors are calling the cops because the music is too loud, or there’s a suspicious Black man sitting on his own damn stoop. And you already know how increased police presence plays out. Next thing you know, Diana D. is posting negative Yelp reviews because of bodega cats.  How are you pro-Peta but anti-Bodega Cat? Please leave, Diana D. And take your friends with you. New York City reeks of bleach.

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