Harlem Crop

Harlem Crop


What happens to a dream deferred?

            Does it dry up

            like a raisin in the sun?

            Or fester like a sore—

            And then run?

            Does it stink like rotten mean?

            Or crust and sugar over—

            like a syrupy sweet?

            Maybe it just sags

            like a heavy load.

            Or does it explode?

The “Harlem” tee is named after Langston Hughes’ 1951 poem by the same name. Harlem poses a series of questions about the fate of dreams we fail to pursue, coinciding with one of Hughes’ most common used themes: the evasive and elusive nature of the American Dream for Black Americans. As one of my favorite poems, Harlem has been a major source of motivation in the pursuit of my own dreams. “What happens to a dream deferred?” I don’t ever plan to find out.

Please Note: Unisex fit.

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