No Shade Crew

No Shade Crew

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“Baby girl, you are the sun. Stop giving them your warmth if they can’t support your shine.”

Gather ‘round for the story of how this shirt was sparked by Queen Bey and a throwback Instagram caption. In the spring of 2016, the stars aligned just so to coincide a love life reality-check with Beyonce’s latest album release. Just when you’re at risk of a Self-Love Drought, in comes Queen Clutch with a necessary-ass pitcher of Lemonade. It was fresh and yet familiar, and just in time to serve as the perfect soundtrack to a period that marked the transition out of some bad habits to make way for more self-love. One year and a retail therapy session later, I was the proud owner of a goldenrod romper that reminded me of Bey’s sun-colored dress in the ‘Hold Up’  video. Naturally, I had to show it off on the ‘Gram, and in true stan form I coupled the posts with Lemonade-themed captions. In one photo I’m posed with my shoulders raised into a shrug and the caption reads, “When a man thinks I’m too good for him🤷🏾‍♀️. Still smiling. Still shining. Never dim your light because you think you’d be more loved if you beamed less bright. 🌞The right man won’t need shades.” I knew immediately that I wanted to put that last line on a tee, but I also wanted to be intentional about the design’s colors and couldn’t decide…I considered blue, for obvious reasons, but with a blue shirt already in my lineup, I decided to put the idea on the backburner. Fast-forwardanotheryear to Beychella 2018! As the Homecoming band set the stage with that infectious drumbeat and the staccato of the major’s whistle, in-danced the perfect color scheme for this design! Truly the Mother of Muses, I asked and Bey deliveredt! It was only right to bring this tee full-circle by pairing the Lemonade-inspired message with a Beychella-inspired palette.

Whether you’re deep into your self-love journey and happily choose independence over settling, or you’re recently out of a relationship that pressured you to shrink rather than shine, or you’re presently with a supportive partner who amplifies your glow with a spotlight, let this tee serve as a reminder that The Right One Won’t Need Shades! So shine BRIGHT, baby girl. Because as @TatianaTarot put perfectly, “The sun doesn’t give a f*ck if it blinds you.”

Eclipse ‘em if necessary.

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