Whitewashed Racerback

Whitewashed Racerback

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“It works miracles for whites, but it will ruin your colors.”

—The ever-amazing Jessica Williams on the Stand Your Ground defense…I’d say it’s a pretty good metaphor for gentrification as well. So check it, I took ACTUAL bleach and ruined BLACK shirts, because gentrification often results in….nvm, you get it.

Clorox, please don’t sue me. I have nothing.

IMPORTANT: This item will be treated with bleach just like the "Whitewashed" tee, you will not receive a plain black product. "Whitewashed" items are bleached after delivery from supplier, please add 3-4 days to processing time. This item is distressed by hand, the final appearance of each shirt will be unique and may not look exactly as those pictured. 

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